Furnishing Service

Airbnb Property Styling & Furnishing Sydney



Effortlessly transform your Airbnb property into a home where your guests can relax and feel welcome.

Based on your property size and budget, we will propose a furniture package tailored to the needs of your space.


Our furniture packages are a service aimed to suit the floor plan and layout of your property. Kenz Interiors cover everything from a rug on the ground to a print that hangs on the wall. You can include linen, electronics, mattresses, decoration pieces and all for one package price.


Why is Property Styling and Furnishing Important?

Giving your Airbnb property the right look and feel through styling and furnishing will go a long way in winning guests. When done right, this will inject character into your property; enhancing its occupancy rate and increasing your returns. However, styling an empty property can be a daunting task. Make

The whole process hassle-free, and that’s where our in-house interior designers come in.

We will take care of everything from purchasing and installing the right furniture, to decorating your home.


Our commitment to  Quick Delivery. And One-Day Setup.

We set up homes in Sydney. Our delivery is as quick as 1 week



One-Day Setup

On the delivery day, open the door for our setup team to set up every room within hours.


Before and after


Move-In Ready

We also offer a move-in kit that includes all the kitchen essentials and bedding to make your home move-in ready.

Photography Ready

We will layer, style and add the finishing touches to make it look perfect for professional photography.