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Creating atmosphere not only design

Our interior space is where life happens. Here at KENZ Interiors, we are excited about the opportunity to transform this space into your own unique story.I’ve always had a love of people and life for as long as I can remember. Design allows me to combine these passions to collaboratively bring interiors to life in meaningful ways for my clients.

I enjoy connecting with people on a personal level and discovering what is most important to them, so that I can weave this into their individual design journey. Whether it is a special piece of furniture, a colour palette or a particular style, I am committed to in

corporating this into the scope of our finished product.

My clients know that they can trust me to really listen to their heart as well as their words, to understand their vision and to work authentically with them to create an atmosphere that compliments the design.

Part of my success is born out of the fact that I am always on the search for new inspiration and am prepared to experiment with fresh ideas to combine different styles and palettes. What this means for you 

is exceptional, one-of-a-kind interiors, that truly reflect who you are.

Bringing diverse & rich international and local perspective, you can be assured that your space will be both spectacular and functional.
I have an innate ability to bring simple, yet powerful solutions and of course, a whole lot of humour to make sure your experience with us is a joyful one!

Eleanor Jesse